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3 Advantages of Low-Code Development Platforms

The number of businesses adopting low-code platforms is growing, and Gartner estimates that they will account for 65 % of all application development by 2024.

There are good reasons why developers and businesses are making the switch to low-code development platforms. They offer several advantages over traditional development technologies and help in building rich, enterprise-grade apps at a much faster rate.

How do the low-code development platforms truly deliver such great value?

3 Key Advantages of Low-Code Development Platforms

#1: Rapid and Simple Application Prototyping and Development

While traditional coding requires one to key in code, low-code development platforms take a more visual approach. Since a number of pre-written modules come with these platforms, a simple drag-and-drop into a given workflow is all that is necessary.

Apart from being able to develop applications rapidly, the availability of reusable templates and components can help developers create prototypes easily and quickly. Unlike traditional development technologies, which take months to create apps, low-code platforms can help create a business-ready app with-in weeks.

#2: Limited Expertise in Coding Necessary

A low-code development platform is easy enough for most people with little or no coding knowledge. If you are creative enough and know your way around with basic desktop applications using a mouse, a low-code development platform might truly serve as your palette in creating an enterprise-grade application.

The learning curve is much simpler compared to traditional development technologies, and the help files and live support offered by low-code development platforms ensure that understanding the capabilities of the platform is easier and faster.

#3: Within Planned Budget and Schedule

IT departments often struggle to stay within budget and schedule when developing applications in the traditional way. The teams are often understaffed and under skilled, thanks to rapid changes in application development standards and the languages used.

The low-code development platform can abstract most of the underlying complications away from developers, thus making them easier to pick-up and quicker to master. They also have most of the common components readily available, thus saving precious development effort and ensuring the apps are delivered with-in record time.

Time to Make the Switch?

The low-code development is a hot technology at the moment. The advantages they offer do result in significant cost savings and help enterprises stay with-in budget. The low-code platforms are still evolving with time, so there’s good chance you’ll continue to see them better themselves in future with many more benefits over traditional development platforms. 

If you can relate to the advantages discussed in this post, a low-code development platform as offered by Neutrinos might be the high-productivity tool that you might be seeking for your organization.

Without a doubt, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to low-code development platforms. Want to know more about Neutrinos’ low-code development platform? Feel free to follow this link.

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