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A technical demonstration of IDS and OAuth capability of Neutrinos

IDS and OAuth capability

The #BeingNeutrinosReady webinar series continues with the next one planned for the 12th of June 2020 at 4pm IST. We at Neutrinos are glad that we could make a small contribution to our developer community during this time and hope you have found the webinars we’ve conducted so far informative and interesting. 

In the first two webinars, we discussed how to Build an App in less than 45 min and How to Add Native Mobile Functionalities to an App. In case you missed them, you can take a quick look here.

The upcoming webinar is being hosted by Neutrinos with Lakshman Kumar, who will be giving you a walkthrough on how you can use the Neutrinos Identity Server to perform Identity and access management of your app. You will also learn how to integrate your app with existing OAuth providers such as Google, Azure, and Active Directory.

Some of the aspects we’ll be talking about:

  • Configure Identity services for your applicationIntegrate with OAuth 
  • Strategies provided and supported by Neutrinos
  • Enable Single Sign-On
  • Create, edit, and manage Identity Server APIs on the server

Learn how to leverage on the low code, MXDP capabilities of Neutrinos, become a part of our developer community, and you can even monetize your skills. 

Zero registration fees! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn something new. 

You’ll receive the details of the webinar once you register and the link will reach your mailbox 24 hrs ahead of the session.  

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