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Reigniting Bancassurance

Pre-built Integration with Insurers

Co-create with pre-built connectors to leading insurers and leverage data to enhance insurance upsell and insurance cross-sell opportunities.


Enable customer-centric experiences across all banking channels with tailored products and services.

Cross-Channel Sales

Intelligent multi-access distribution across banking channels like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Messaging channels like WhatsApp, IVR and call centers. Enable remote sales distribution.

Customer 360

Drive superior customer engagements with a single window view of the customer that unifies data from both structured and unstructured sources.

In-Bank Experiences

Leverage new age technology to provide mobile and tab based seamless, personalised advisory services for your customers

Conversational Insurance

AI-powered solutions for real-time assistance throughout the customer journey across channels like email, chat, and voice.


Easy integration with leading insurers, multiple data sources, core systems and a host of pre-built components.

Predictive Analytics

Enhance customer profiling, lead generation and CX with behavioral and predictive analytics.

Recovering Bancassurance in the
post-covid scenario
According to McKinsey, from 2011 to 2017, the growth of the bancassurance channel outpaced other channels in both life and non-life products.

Digital technology is fast gaining momentum in the insurance and banking sectors as it plays a crucial role in improving the customer experience and streamlining insurance business processes such as product consulting, premium collection, policy issuance and claims processing. The drive towards digitisation and adoption of Bancassurance applications bodes well for the bancassurance sector and it is expected to showcase a positive outlook over the next few years.

Bancassurance Applications

Product Configuration
  • All-inclusive product lifecycle management solution that facilitates faster development and go-to-market of new, customized products.
  • Create and manage campaigns and check-ins.
  • Generate, assign and track leads.


  • Generate customized quotes based on customer needs.
  • Live application status updates and e-signature capture for closure.
Advanced Analytics
  • Leverage AI and Big Data analytics for enhanced, data-driven decision making.
Lead Management
  • One-stop, unified customer relationship management platform.
  • Real-time data capture, lead tracking and anytime access on dashboard.


  • Market and gamify product information to capture prospects.
  • Showcase benefits, comparisons and clarify doubts.
  • Faster Policies, Claims processing, and Underwriting with hyper-automation solutions.
Remote Sales
  • Empower bank employees to engage and sell from anywhere with the intelligent remote sales distribution suite.

Elevate customer experiences with insurance product configuration

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