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Citizen Developers and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been getting increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The latest trend accompanying this transformation journey is Citizen Development

Who are citizen developers, and why is the world talking about the benefits of citizen development? 

Anybody within an organization who can access an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a citizen developer. They can create and deploy unique web and mobile applications through the IDE. The visual development environment allows one to drag-and-drop components, connect them, and develop apps. Citizens without professional developer experience can build engaging apps that match business requirements with low-code platforms. Low-code platforms can be rightly called citizen developer platforms.

Benefits of Low-Code Platform in Driving Digital Transformation

The advantages of adopting low-code multi-experience development platforms (MXDPs) are numerous. 

Listed below are a few reasons why businesses are increasingly opting for low-code:

  1. Hiring professional developers is an expensive affair. Any organization doesn’t have to hire too many developers with extensive experience because citizens can use the platform easily.
  2. Not only are expenses reduced with citizen developers, but you can also accelerate the digital transformation journey of your business as the number of people involved in the development process is much broader with low-code platforms.
  3. Low-code application development platforms have built-in agile development tools, ensuring better collaboration between internal departments. Such capabilities facilitate the collaborative creation of new features and functionalities for applications.
  4. The development tools also drive the desired results as the collaboration brings the business and development ends together. Developers can create new functionalities keeping the specific business requirements in mind.
  5. Low-code platforms mean rapid application development. With visual development processes, code libraries, and pre-built modules, citizen developers can build apps quicker than developers.
  6. These platforms take the load off the IT department and enable professional developers to focus on backlogs and vital issues. Such a working format increases the overall productivity of the organization.
Why Citizen Developers?

The citizen developers are steadily garnering support for valid reasons. Citizen developers are allies of the IT department. Powerful development platforms and tools empower people with limited coding experience to create applications without depending on IT.

Citizen developers help solve business problems. They get the job done, get applications to market quicker, and increase organizational efficiency. Also, these developers create apps keeping the end-customer in mind, increasing the success of the apps and thus benefiting the business.

What Neutrinos Offers

Low-code platforms have great potential, and enterprises should reap the benefits that MXDPs have to offer. Neutrinos provides a low-code, multi-experience development platform for citizen developers. 

Read about the Benefits of MXDPs. Find answers to most questions about Low-Code Platforms!

If you want to introduce digital solutions in your business, Neutrinos can help you with its low-code rapid application development platform.

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