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Fulfill your Customer Promise,

Build Trust and Loyalty

Achieve excellence in claims processing, and transform customer experience through automation, AI and ecosystem orchestration that greatly simplifies operations. Neutrinos has helped top-tier insurers around the world make the claims function a critical business differentiator, helping enhance the topline and optimizing the bottom line.​​

Faster Claims Turnaround:

TAT reduced from 
3 days to 4 hours

Greater Customer Advocacy :

NPS improved by


STP raised to 95% 
from below 50%

Bring claims adjudicators the tools they need

Ease the claims adjudication process by eliminating low-value manual tasks, and providing  all the data, as well as decisioning support adjudicators need, on one convenient screen with the Neutrinos Claims Adjudicator workbench solution. 

Simplify Claims Operations Management

Maximize the throughput of your claims operations with Neutrinos. Process more claims per hour with less human effort. Gain complete visibility & control over individual claims, as well as overall process health.

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks such as document scanning, data entry and validation

Automate claims assignment to adjudicators based on rules

Auto-escalate claims on SLA exceptions

Give a balanced workload, and complete transparency on case assignments to adjudicators

Assign cases based on priority, adjudication skill groups and seniority levels

Fluidly scale operations up and down based on demand 

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