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slide5 Neutrinos Composable Digitalization Platform provides the key ingredients for enterprise composability, including composable asset making approach, incredible app composition experience, and a rich ecosystem of partners and developers to streamline the composability journey. A Fully Loaded Platform for Enterprise Composability
Enterprise Composability: Key success factor for future readiness
The composable enterprise is able to rapidly adapt to a changing business environment, and make use of emerging business opportunities, by rewiring its existing business capabilities in new ways to create entirely new capabilities fluidly. To be able to do this, it must consciously develop capabilities in a composable manner. This requires a platform-led approach, to ensure the right kind of composable building blocks are being developed, and can be discovered and exploited at speed and scale. Neutrinos Composable Digitalization Platform has been engineered grounds-up with to serve this need.

Neutrinos Approach to Composability

Multi-level Composability

Composable assets at different granularity levels: code snippets, UI widgets to standalone composable applications and APIs

Simple Assetization

Publish anything as composable asset, and leverage across a variety of project types

Asset Curation

Asset approval workflow to ensure governance around asset quality, interface standardization

Ease of Consumption

Seamless integration between Neutrinos marketplace (Neucosmos) and Neutrinos Infinity composer to provision and consume assets; incredibly simple visual composability

Harnessing Ecosystem

Neutrinos makes a large number of curated assets available from across its partner network, and also provides access to developer base

Co-creation Models

Clients can monetize their own assets through Neutrinos marketplace, enabling rich collaboration and partnership models

Incredible digital outcomes

Incredible Possibilities in Digital Journeys

Ready for Real and Rapid Experimentation

Simplicity in using New and Complex Technologies

Unencumbered by Rigid and Slow moving systems

Innovate in Product, Service and Business Model

Building blocks for infinite digital composability

40+, end-to-end, Uber-Digital Journeys

Customer connected servicing

End-to-end claims servicing

FNOL, claims registration, adjudication, settlement

Merchant on-boarding

Product recommendation & rules journey

Digital broking /aggregation journey (B2C)

Distribution driven customer on-boarding (L2C) journey NeuSRM, FNA, Quote, PoS

Omni-channel journey (D2C) broker & customer self service

Intelligent new user on-boarding journey

Agent management journey

Agency management journey, E-recruitment, SAM, SPM, Commision

Customer on-boarding – New business & underwiriting

100+, API-enabled composable digital capabilities

500+, Digital application building blocks

Legacy connectors

ERP Connectors

SaaS Connectors

Digital Ecosystem Services

Application Templates

Integration Templates

API Templates

UI Widgets

BPM Templates

DevOps Pipelines

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