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Digital Journey Packs

slide5 Neutrinos Digital Journey Packs bring rich digital capabilities and accelerated time to market for journeys across industries, functions. Digital Journey Packs for Best Of Breed Journeys
Power-packed with cutting-edge digital capabilities



Intuitive workflows and
case management

Extensive integrations to ERP, CRM, SaaS systems and core packages

Digitalize “over the top”
Legacy systems and processes? Don’t let them hold you back! Neutrinos digital journey packs provide complete, standalone, and independent functionality, yet can integrate and ingest your current data and processes in exactly the way you want.
Engagement and pricing models suited to every need
Neutrinos digital journey packs come with a variety of pricing options including outcome-based pricing, hosted services, co-creation monetization models and more. Neutrinos also brings you access to ecosystem partners that can help fine-tune and scale your business around the chosen journeys.
Composable, all the way down
With Neutrinos Composable Platform, you never get a monolith. Continuously mold the application features, integrations, and imbibe new capabilities from the ecosystem, by simply rewiring our composable building blocks. Future-proof your business with Neutrinos Composability.

From Distribution to Advocacy, redefine the digital journey for the modern insurance customer and the insurer

Banking & Fintech

NextGen Digital Banking and Fintech solutions for deeper relationships, personalized CX and instant gratification


Enable new retail models with intelligent engagement and automated operations for the phygital customer


High impact digital applications and solutions that benefit Payers, Providers and Patients

Success Stories

Delivering business value to global enterprises across industry verticals


A leading British insurance company wanted to transform their financial needs analysis. Neutrinos implemented a robust, omnichannel digital platform on the direct-to-consumer channel to help capture all the rules, study the data gathered, offer informed product recommendations, handle quotations and capture all the details that Aviva needed.

MPI Generali

A leading insurance company in Malaysia was facing issues with e-payment authorisation as their current work flow was not optimised. Neutrinos developed an RPA based solution for MPI Generali – an eform on Digital Workplace that would help drive e-payment authorisation requests for new registration and to make any changes desired.

Emami International

One of India’s leading and fastest growing personal and healthcare businesses, Emami was looking for an omni channel platform for all parties involved to sync on the available stocks and raise requests for requirements. Neutrinos built a Cross Border CRM that caters to all the players of the sales lifecycle from Manufacturers to online retail portals. This enabled easy tracking and reduced time to market.

Star Health

One of the largest Health Insurance providers in India developed a customer centric Mobile App & Portal with Neutrinos. This app allows customers to make payments, access policy information, buy new policy, submit and process claims via their Apple and Android devices, improving their experience with the brand.

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