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Distribution Suite

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Digital Insurance Distribution digital insurance to the new Download Brochure CX-driven era of Talk to Us
Superior CX, Higher ROI Distribution. Solution explained in just 60 seconds
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Create seamless customer experiences across all digital touchpoints with intelligent, multi-access distribution and integrated CRM solutions


Agents /Brokers

Robust, easy to implement solutions that leverage cutting edge technology for complete agent lifecycle management, to enhance productivity, improve reporting and provide superior customer engagement.



New-age solutions with pre-built templates, portals and applications that accelerate go-to-market, and enable end-to-end D2C online insurance sales.



Enabling banks and insurers to seamlessly work together and cater to customer needs through simplified omni channel digital insurance distribution.


Affinity Groups

Create an ecosystem, build connections, acquire new customers by leveraging affinity group channels to market products and boost sales while keeping customer acquisition costs low.



Utilising the retail channel, leverage real time data, predictive analytics and AI to offer customized pricing and suggestions and acquire new customers.



Adopt futuristic technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain and enable secure P2P distribution and risk transfer.


Seamless, consistent, native experiences on any channel of preference. Up the ante on Omnichannel.

Accurate and dynamic insurance distribution through IoT connected solutions that enable real-time data flow. See how telematics is transforming industry.
Conversational insurance
Deploy AI-powered conversational assistants that elevate CX by providing automated, real time customer assistance across the customer journey from purchase to claims processing. See how we reimagine insurance in the digital age.
Intelligent insurance
Enable smart, AI-driven experiences and processes across customer acquisition, onboarding, underwriting, servicing and customer engagement, for faster, effective and efficient operations.
Remote Insurance: A New Route to the Customer

COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions across industries, more so in the insurance space. 

The insurance digital transformation era is reshaping the distribution strategies for insurers. What does the future of the conventional insurance broker hold?

Enabling insurance sales in the times of the pandemic

The COVID19 outbreak rapidly changed the industry assessment outlooks from positive to negative, due to the volatile and uncertain markets. We have been at the forefront of enabling alternative ways of insurance distribution with Intelligent Remote Sales Distribution.

The Neutrinos Distribution Suite
Remote Insurance
  • Create and manage campaigns and check-ins.
  • Generate, assign and track leads.
Remote Insurance


  • Market and gamify product information to capture prospects.
  • Showcase benefits, comparisons and clarify doubts.
Remote Insurance


  • Generate customized quotes based on customer needs.
  • Live application status updates and e-signature capture for closure.
Remote Insurance

Lead Management

  • One-stop, unified customer relationship management platform.
  • Real-time data capture, lead tracking and anytime access on dashboard.

Insurance Technology Solutions- Highlights


Swift, Paperless




Unified, real-time lead management


Enhanced intelligent customer engagement


Insights led and informed decision making


Simplified reporting and anytime access

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