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Being in the hpaPaaS Big League

The flourishing low-code/no-code application development market is exploding with innovation, driving unprecedented value for customers. Key players in the hpaPaaS (High Productivity Platform as a Services) are being recognized for the value they bring to businesses by bringing about quick, easy and efficient Digital Transformation.

In a comprehensive analysis of the APaaS market, Gartner put together their findings that will help organizations navigate a complex terrain of cloud platform services. The findings, formulated into a Report, are designed for application leaders guiding their organizations to realize the full business value of cloud computing.

Quoting snippets from Gartner’s report titled ‘Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape, 2019.  “High-productivity aPaaS offerings are multifunction low-code or no-code tools that encode their applications as metadata, offer model-driven graphical design tools, and require reduced IT skills for successful use.”

Traditionally, these offerings target line of business (LOB) customers, including SaaS users, but some are increasingly appearing in enterprise IT as well. Many platform mega-vendors offer them, though SaaS-firstproviders have greater focus on this type of aPaaS. Additionally, a large number of independent vendors offer them too.

Gartner gives a comprehensive list of vendors offering Low-Code and No-Code hpaPaaS. This list benefits those application leaders guiding their organization’ Digital Transformation journey towards cloud computing and digital business.

It is indeed a proud moment for us at Neutrinos to be listed in the section ‘Vendors offering High Productivity (Low Code and No Code) Application Platform Services (hPaPaaS)’ in the report.

Here’s what our CEO, Samik Ghosh has to say:

“This is great news! Especially for all the members of the Neutrinos family who work so hard every day to realise our vision of becoming the fastest, most accessible, easiest and most affordable application development platform in the world. This recognition not only tells the world of our progress, it also doubles our energies and reinvigorates our sense of purpose as we bring the Neutrinos revolution to everyone.”

It’s going to be celebrations galore at the Neutrinos office, as we strategize our future and strive to continuously drive value to everyone in our ecosystem.


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