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slide1 Neutrinos Bring New Build to provision. Test environments. Deploy and scale applications. Innovation_IBM_Neutrinos Let's Talk IBM Market with and Innovations to Try Neutrinos for Free
Potent partnership to help embrace the cloud, improve quality, speed and value
Meet the demands of custom cloud-native applications operable on-premise or hybrid infrastructures with access to IBM’s full-stack Cloud portfolio and our easy-to-use visual development interface which requires limited coding. Reengineer your legacy applications and host them directly on the IBM Cloud to enhance business agility, scale rapidly, improve enterprise intelligence and create omni channel user experience applications.

Build future-ready enterprise applications with collaboration, control and visibility


Innovate with Latest Tech

Go to market faster and smarter. Integrate with emerging tech like cognitive services, IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML, and adopt design thinking-led agile methods to visualise, build, optimise and redefine applications and user experiences.


AS400 Modernization

Drive higher scalability, functionality and business growth by transforming your AS400 applications into next-gen mobile, windows or browser-based applications with minimal change to existing business logic and database.

Low code

Low Code Access to IBM Capabilities

Power the next wave of smart apps with Neutrinos on IBM Cloud. Use our joint expertise to bolster visibility, redesign apps based on your data, introduce pre-built functionalities, multiple automation capabilities and Watson services.

Easy Cloud Integrations

Easy Cloud Management with IBM CloudPak

IBM Cloud Pak and Neutrinos bring modern integration and automation approaches. Via Neutrinos build and host interoperable tools on multi-cloud platforms easily, spurring flexibility, business intelligence while cutting cost.

Visualize, Analyze and Act with IBM Watson IoT and Neutrinos

Position your business applications to be able to provide quick, resilient responses to evolving market requirements. Adopt the IBM Watson IoT platform to build automation and seamless interaction between all connected devices, gather data, publish device updates, compose analytics apps and build IoT apps on a unified interface, elevating business productivity and innovation.

Re-Engineer, Re-Architect and Automate with IBM
Uncover the power of cloud architecture, new programming models and AI to transform application development, facilitating failure prediction and proactive actions. Re-engineer legacy applications under a single build environment to quicken extraction and classification of data, enabling iterative development and frequent feature releases.
Featured Success Stories
Easy navigation and faster sales on a new platform
Telesure wanted to identify and fix root cause issues in existing apps, and shorten their online sales process of 15-20 minutes. We deployed highly skilled resources to assist in BAU activities and enhanced their legacy code, enabling policy sales within just 8 minutes.
Simplify and automate merchant onboarding
South Africa’s leading bank, Absa reduced its customer onboarding time of 7-15 days to 20-30 minutes. The bank replaced multiple, manual processes with automated digital services, improving customer experience, satisfaction and revenue growth.
Transform legacy systems to an online platform
Apollo adopted a GUI tool to re-engineer their existing legacy apps. They leveraged IBMi AS400 and IBM IIB for faster sales, easy communication, and navigation between multiple screens, extending new business capabilities and improved performance.
Enabling quick digital amendments
An insurer’s sales division was struggling to make changes to policies on their legacy system. We built microservices for various tasks enabling quick amendments on the platform itself, improving information coverage, speed, productivity and UX.

An ecosystem to enable successful and sustainable digital transformations

We are constantly striving to provide a rich ecosystem for our customers. An ecosystem that brings together players who are at the top of the tree in business strategy, cutting-edge technology and localized market reach to multiply the value that global customers can gain through a Neutrinos engagement.

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