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Is low-code the future of business agility?

The COVID-19 outbreak triggered a massive digital transformation and prompted organizations, such as healthcare, to develop simple technological solutions with minimal expenditure. With agility as the main factor, low-code platforms are increasingly looking at popular alternatives for traditional hand-coding applications.

What makes low-code platforms effective?

  • Speed

Low code supports faster deployment by using boilerplate code, pre-built templates, and other “building blocks.” Building screens and user interfaces are simple and easy with low-code app development. The Plug-n-Play feature and rapid prototyping enhance the turnaround time for simple applications.

  • Lower Investments

More than 70% of companies surveyed by Forrester said that they find low-code platforms more affordable than the traditional development platforms. Low-code platforms also reduce the cost of hiring as companies do not need as many developers. By facilitating immediate changes, low-code also helps in reducing the cost of application maintenance.

  • Flexibility

Low code enables internal software modification and facilitates non-technical teams filling workflow gaps to achieve better results and customize their platforms with features like the visual “drag and drop” method. These platforms also have a responsive design that adjusts efficiently to different screen sizes across devices. 

  • Enhanced Integration

Low-code helps enterprises address the challenges of siloed IT systems by integrating data across systems. They also facilitate out-of-the-box reporting and analytics capabilities, integrated version control systems, and one-click merge/publishing capabilities.

With a deceptively simple approach to application development, low-code has the potential to redefine business agility. Enterprises should plan low-code app development and deployment to address their needs. 

At Neutrinos, we understand what businesses require and offer a low-code multi-experience development platform (MXDP) to create and run advanced apps within days. We also share expert knowledge on low code and its benefits through our well-researched blogs. 

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