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Master the complexity of Lotus Notes migration to modern systems

Boost your migration through the Neutrinos platform and enable a lotus notes migration roadmap that leaves your applications ready for the current and future generations. Use a visual builder, prebuilt tools and automated techniques to migrate apps efficiently or recreate them in modern spaces. Embrace an agile development culture that best meets your business requirements and build positive ROI.

Say goodbye to migration challenges with low-code
Lotus Notes Migration
How Neutrinos helps you build for the next decade
Lotus Notes Migration

Pre-migration assessments

Controlling the scope of application migration with detailed application inventory assessments and emphasis on security, automation, disaster recovery and compliance.

Lotus Notes Migration

Controlled migration

Move away from silos within the Notes systems to new environments, enabling apps to communicate with each other and ultimately improving efficiency of the workforce.

Lotus Notes Migration

Pilot application deployment

Deploy the applications to test and production environments with our practical experience and low-code approach to create an agile, easily manageable system.

Lotus Notes Migration

Applications architectures

Define new capabilities beyond existing infrastructure, integrate with the latest APIs and deploy tailored solutions to carry out results-driven lotus notes migration.


Strategy-based roadmap

Discuss and define target platform and migration approach. Conduct detailed project planning and prototyping to ensure your application aligns to all strategic decisions.

Lotus Notes Migration

Support and training

Phase out of applications, perform data cleaning to improve data usability, free up infrastructure and create learning documentation and make way for end user training.

Success Story

A leading organisation was being held back from leaping into the new customer-centric, cloud-enabled future by legacy technologies like Lotus and Domino. We successfully migrated and upgraded the traditional systems within 1.5 years. Some of the apps went live in just weeks. Leveraging on Neutrinos’s capabilities, we increased efficiency and optimized cost of operations.

Why Neutrinos?

Take advantage of a​n array of advanced inbuilt tools and widgets to build enterprise-grade applications. Accelerate your migration journey by using a platform that has open architecture with full access to code. Visual, model driven front-end and back-end development for apps, 1-Click cloud deployment and seamless integration with existing systems. Above all, a dependable team that makes your shift from legacy to modern systems stress-free.

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