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A comprehensive product lifecycle management solution 100% self-managed by acturers


Templates (Configure)

A wide array Multi-line, out-of-box product templates with easy-to-use tools, validation rules, rates and reference tables.


CPQ (Price & Quote)

A flexible configurator that mimics existing pricing methods, and automatically calculates an accurate price and generates the quote, with the help of the rating engine.


Rating Engine

Enable customization of insurance product rating with configurable product definitions. Easy, quick, automated premium calculations using the rules and algorithms pre-stored in the rating engine.


Contract Management

Generate and monitor pricing and contracts with the capability to save, edit, and maintain a created quote through its lifecycle.



Automate premium payment scheduling and invoicing, enable multi-channel payment options, and auto-assign collectors with agency API integrations.


Conversational Insurance

Anytime, anywhere, automated, real-time customer assistance with AI-powered assistant across multiple channels - Chat, Email, Voice


Easy deployment of changes and new developments to backend systems, and efficient, reliable, secure data exchange between multiple enterprise applications for a seamless experience


Predictive Analytics

Consumer Behavior Analysis for better pricing and product recommendations.

Product Templates
Group Insurance
Life & Health
NeuSprout Breakdown

SandBox Simulation

Simulated testing of configuration


Document Management

Storing of quotation document


Product Configuration

Configure product from scratch or using templates
Publish product and API generation
Version management


APIs & Micro Services

Customizable distribution application
Consumable micro service for
Premium & quotation calculation



Create marketable products and pricing plans
Configure agreements
Set commissions and payments

Elevate customer experiences with insurance product configurator

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