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Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

slide1 Digital Applications Explore efficient multi-experience technology applications for the BFSI Industry. with Neutrinos Design Accelerated and Expleo
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Speed Up Software Development Technology, Offer Streamlined Applications, and Enhance  Customer Experience

Digitally transform your Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance applications with Expleo’s domain expertise and Neutrinos’ low-code development platform. Automate banking and insurance processes for quick solutions and better customer experience. Use advanced engineering capabilities to boost sales channels. Provide multi-experience support for self-service, personalization, and online onboarding capabilities for the BFSI sector.

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Advanced Technology

Utilize advanced technology, such as Multi-Experience, Hyper-Automation, Hyper-Personalization, & Integration PaaS to speed up software development cycles and reduce costs significantly.

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Faster Digital Applications

Build new-age digital applications delivering results up to 60% to 70% faster compared to traditional methods. Create enterprise-grade applications and deploy effectively on cloud, on-premise, and/or hybrid environments. Offer customers multi-experience platforms and omni channel availability to leverage new business.

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Personalized Customer Experience with Digital Transformation

Transform processes with end-to-end digitization. Deliver customer-centered experience with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Analyze patterns and trends to provide personalized services. Present virtual customer service with human-centered engagement.

Partnership Empowerment

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Trusted Adviser

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Efficient Consultation


Speed to Market

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Risk Management

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Technology Management

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Innovative Ideas

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Organized Collaboration


Efficient Use of Resources

Low Code MXDP – Technology

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Designer Tools

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership


Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

iPaaS & iBPMS


Adaptive UI

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership


Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

RPA Suite

Neutrinos Expleo Partnership

Analytics & Reporting

About Expleo

Expleo is a trusted partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services, and management consulting for digital transformation. They help businesses harness unrelenting technological change to successfully deliver innovations that will help them gain a competitive
advantage and improve the everyday lives of people around the globe.

Neutrinos and Expleo have teamed up under a strategic partnership to offer Banking, Financial Services ,and Insurance companies the ability to speed up software development cycles. The new partnership will help customers reduce the cost of software development in Multi-Experience, Hyper-Personalization, Hyper-Automation, Integration technologies while delivering digital applications up to 60-70% faster than traditional development methods.

This partnership will continue to build on a suite of services Expleo has been developing over the past years, expanding its range of software engineering and development capabilities across a range of areas including Full Stack, Robotic Process Automation, and Low-Code.

An ecosystem to enable successful and sustainable digital transformations

We are constantly striving to provide a rich ecosystem for our customers. An ecosystem that brings together players who are at the top of the tree in business strategy, cutting-edge technology and localized market reach to multiply the value that global customers can gain through a Neutrinos engagement.

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