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Neutrinos OpKey Partnership

slide1 Acquire access to the best low-code platform &
software testing platform for your digital
Enterprise Applications
with Neutrinos &
Build, Test & Deploy OpKey Partner with us

Achieve End-to-End Process
Automation, Eliminate Manual
Testing &
Accelerate Digital

Utilize Neutrinos’ low-code platform for building and OpKey’s no-code platform for testing ERP and packaged applications effortlessly. Manage seamless upgrades and minimize business risk and disruptions. Scale business projects faster with minimum effort and minimal test script maintenance. Deploy enterprise applications rapidly to increase productivity, performance and revenue.

Neutrinos + OpKey

Neutrinos and OpKey have partnered together to build new system capabilities with short cycle times so that companies worldwide can manage businesses in the pandemic situation. This partnership will enable enterprises to automate manual processes by deploying applications with omnichannel capabilities. The combination of Neutrinos’ low-code development with OpKey’s test automation provides an omnichannel UX for the BFSI industry, especially for insurance companies to reduce claims and underwriting costs while increasing revenue.

This offering of Neutrinos and OpKey include zero-code test scripting with low-code application development. Neutrinos’ Multi-Experience Development Platform (MXDP) enhanced with OpKey’s Test Automation Platform makes it MXDP+ collaboration.

Quick App Creation

Quick App Creation

Design and create advanced applications with minimal coding and pre-built templates. Use pre-built test components and accelerators for more than 14 ERP solutions for rapid results. Build and test automation applications regardless of expertise and experience.

Robust Applications

Robust Applications

Set up reliable automation applications with omnichannel capabilities.Enable software testing and QA teams with test automation tools for DevOps, BDD, and continuous testing. Test and deploy applications as per your requirements and preferences.

Quality & Costs

Risk-Based Approach

Model customized and scalable applications and solutions. Opt for a risk-based testing strategy with AI-driven, Real-Time Impact Analysis Engine. Focus on at-risk business aspects to develop tailored solutions to mitigate risk and shorten update cycles.

Preparation and Classification

Quality & Costs

Get accurate results, analytics, and high ROIs with low-code apps. Eliminate errors caused by manual tests and improve the quality of tests, applications, and results. Achieve end-to-end test automation and reduce overall testing, business, and operations costs.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Custom-build multiple mobile and web apps and integrate with existing systems easily. Connect any number of applications with in-built connectors. Re-use templates or create your own templates as per organizational demand.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Deploy applications on the cloud. Choose between public, private, in-house, or hybrid cloud as per your needs.Manage multi-cloud visibility, auto-scaling, auto-healing, and low overhead infrastructure effortlessly.

Technology Support

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Extended Reality (XR)

Web Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation

Multi-Cloud Deployment

About OpKey

OpKey is an industry-leading, end-to-end Continuous Testing Platform with pre-built test components, business processes, and libraries for 14+ ERP solutions. OpKey’s AI-driven Impact Analysis Engine, Self-healing capabilities, & process mining technology accelerate automation testing 3X to 5X compared to other test automation platforms.

As the leader in AI-based Test Automation, OpKey enables enterprises on a global scale to test applications easily and embrace digital transformation. Fully codeless, autonomous, and AI-driven, OpKey addresses agile development and complex enterprise app testing needs while accelerating software delivery speed, reducing costs, and improving quality.

OpKey offers you scalable test infrastructure with 200+ OS-Browser combinations, 1000+ keywords to perform different actions, 500+ real-devices, along with seamless integration with enterprise tools like JIRA, ALM, Jenkins, & Bamboo. OpKey offers you everything you need for Agile BDD & Dev-Ops.

Benefits of Neutrinos + OpKey

Technology Support

Enhanced MXDP Capabilities

Scriptless Test Automation

Faster Deployment

Short Life Cycles

Process Automation

Cost Reduction

Digital Transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with
Neutrinos and OpKey!

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