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Neutrinos Platform Updates Q2 2021

Neutrinos Platform Updates Q2

At Neutrinos, we are passionate about helping you create multi-experienced, low code applications at the speed of light!

It’s all about the aesthetics and functionality of our platform that makes it possible to do so.

Today we are excited to present to you our most popular releases, including updates for PWA, connectors, node builder, template configurations, multi-window support, and much more!

All these releases are themed around providing a seamless user experience and enabling seamless connectivity to various enterprise systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, data lakes and data warehouses, Financial & HCMs, Wearable applications, Voice-Enabled applications, and more.

So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy learning more about what we have achieved so far.

Progressive Web Apps

Highly requested and highly anticipated, we have added the functionality to create Progressive Web Apps from Neutrinos Studio 7.7.0.

You can convert any app created on Neutrinos Studio (our Integrated Development Environment) to a PWA by toggling a single button.

The PWA Editor

Once converted, you can change the app appearance, cache URLs to provide offline access to certain pages in your app, and trigger push notifications.

PWAs allow users to add apps to their home screens straight from the browser

without the intervention of the app stores. 

Some of the advantages of creating PWAs On Neutrinos Studio include:

  • Easy indexing on search engines
  • Compliance with Google Lighthouse
  • Offline access

Read our blog on PWA to learn about numerous benefits that PWAs offer for end-users and developers. 

95+ New Connectors

We have continued developing new connectors, raising the number of connectors to 400+. 

With these new connectors, you can start designing service flows to connect your applications to any SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources and achieve easy data integration with enterprise systems.

For example, with our Amazon SNS and S3 connectors, you can design applications capable of performing Intelligent Document Processing(IDP). IDP is used to extract valuable, structured information from digitized documents (such as receipts and forms) and derive meaningful insights to make business decisions.

You can also use connectors to publish messages to wearable devices such as Series 5 Apple watches. For example, these are the flows designed to send data to be displayed on the Series 5 Apple watch using connectors such as Watch Publish and Watch Subscribe

This is how the data is displayed on the end device.

Node Builder

Not only have we added new connectors, but also have simplified the process of creating these connectors on Neutrinos Studio. We have made significant changes to our Node Builder – the editor enabling any developer to create innovative integrations or API definitions easily that can then be implemented and published to the reusable repository. 

The Back-end for Front-end(BFF) Pattern

Starting from release 7.5.0, you can create separate back-end services to be consumed by specific front-end applications or interfaces.

You can design your back-end services in the API-only app and segregate the front-end services in the UI-only app.


Using the BFF pattern in your applications allows you to:

  • Fine-tune the back-end to best match the needs of the front-end environments without worrying about affecting the front-end experiences.
  • Optimize the back-end for the requirements of specific client interfaces.
  • Streamline data representation and provide a well-focused interface for the front-end.


To demonstrate the versatility of our platform, we have created the following solutions using our platform components on the back-end:

  • Digital Sales Distribution Suite – A SAAS-based CRM solution launched in the ASEAN region to be used by field sales agents to track leads, manage lead stages, manage deal stages, remotely connect to customers over video and audio conferencing, share products, and make a sale. This solution is enabled with end-to-end video and audio recording capability. It provides completely scalable recording, playback, and storage functionalities.
  • meet.neutrinos – A fully scalable video conferencing solution that can be used as an independent solution or as an integrated solution in your applications.
  • Neutrinos IDP – An AI-powered intelligent document processing solution that classifies and extracts data automatically from any type of document, enabling enterprises to drive business value faster. This solution uses a combination of OCR, ICR, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and enhanced cognitive vision capabilities augmented by humans to derive actionable information.

UI Features and Improvements

IDS Editor

Last year we launched the IDS service, allowing you to authenticate and authorize your app users using OAuth Auth Strategies. 

This year, we give you the IDS editor to customize the user interface of the IDS authorization pages such as Login, Logout, and consent pages. 

IDS Config Editor

This editor saves a lot of your development time and efforts in changing the appearance of your application IDS authorization pages to suit your company branding guidelines and logos.

App Categorization and Multi-Window Support

The user experience has vastly improved since the last few releases. We have provided two new types of apps, the UI-only and API-only apps on Neutrinos Studio, allowing users to apply Back-end to Front-end (BFF) pattern. This design pattern helps App development teams iterate features faster and control back-ends for mobile apps without affecting the experience for a corresponding mobile or web app.

We have also included multi-window support for Neutrinos Studio to open multiple tabs of Neutrinos Studio and Plugins Builder and easily switch between each other.

Not just that, we have made many updates to provide you with new capabilities and bug fixes. Here are some highlights:

  • Enterprise proxy support for Neutrinos Studio
  • Cordova 10 support 
  • Upgraded platform engines. The latest version of the platform engine for Android is 9.0.0 and for iOS is 6.1.1.
  • Validation of Assets and Client Services Designer editor before converting an app to a PWA
  • Capability to dynamically change a node label

The Updates Keep on Coming

With such a busy half-year, you may be asking what’s next. Well, the third quarter of 2021 has just started, and we are all set to roll out more and more features. Be sure to check out our What’s New page for future updates.

To learn more, contact us now!

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