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Neutrinos Solution – A case study

health insurance, digital solution, customer experience

With the COVID-19 situation across the globe disrupting businesses, Insurance companies are redefining their processes and undergoing rapid digital transformation – contactless business, remote working, outcome-driven models, raising capital, etc. 

Star Health, one of the largest private health insurance companies had its base in Chennai and over 430 branches across the country. While the company was faring well, they were struggling with one challenge – the need to improve their customer experience by offering a mobile app, which in turn would mean they offer better service. The company was proactive in initiating digital adoption journey before the pandemic’s arrival which has helped them cope with the new normal, but they still had a long way to go.

Currently they were using a traditional method of interacting with customers, which had proved cumbersome and tedious. Through the mobile app, they wanted to get ahead with the changing times and offer the following services, 

  • Make payments with ease
  • Buy new policies quickly
  • Submit scanned receipts and process health insurance claims via customer’s handheld devices.

The company wanted to develop a mobile app that would not only be the front – end to the customers, but also strengthen the back-office efficiency. This need was primarily to streamline their claims management process, taking it online completely. 

The main challenge faced by the company was to do with their existing website and mobile app. The user interface [UI] was different across these two platforms, which made it difficult for customers to navigate or switch between the two seamlessly. The reason for this parity was that development was done bottom-up. The two main areas that needed improvement were,
1. The company developed the iOS and Android apps separately.
2. Frequent changes across the business needs meant additional time was spent updating the portal and the app.

Star Health was keen to find a solution that could help them make changes rapidly and boost sales along with customer experience.

Upon assessing and understanding the situation, the team at Neutrinos came up with a solution to address these challenges. Within a week, the team created a proof-of-concept for Star Health’s customer portal and customer-facing app. 

The mobile app was proposed to be built on the Neutrinos low-code development platform [which required little to no coding knowledge]. The highlight of this mobile app was it included data security and user authentication services which assured customers of data safety. This feature had in fact been integrated in the client’s core insurance systems as well.

The primary goals were to meet the growing customer expectations, reduce back-office processing costs and stay ahead of the competition. Star Health initiated the development of customer-centric mobile apps and portals with Neutrinos solutions and saw a visible shift in their business growth [for the better]. 

Boost customer experience levels

The impact of the Neutrinos solution on Star Health’s business:

Ultimately the mobile app allowed customers ease of access to their policies with a single tap, obtain policy-related information, manage their policies; submit, process, monitor, upload supporting documents and report claims. All this could be done using their handheld devices [iOS and Android devices] anywhere and any time.  Some of the other benefits to both customer and insurers were,

  1. Customers experienced quicker turnaround time in resolving queries
  2. Customers could access policy related information by logging into the app
  3. Customers could reach out to an insurer/agent for any clarifications at any point of time [no fixed hours]
  4. The app offered real-time updates via the dashboard which was available to both insurers and customers.
  5. Claims management became simple, easy and settlements were made faster.
  6. Insurers saw a boost in customer engagement, retention and new opportunities for upselling. 

This proved to be a one-stop solution for all Star Health’s customer service-related issues. Are you looking for a similar solution for your business?  Well, reach out to us and we will walk you through the solutions available…

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