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Capitalizing The OFT Ignored OBD Ports

OBD ports
Before flying cars take over the skies of our future, let’s talk about an underrated portion of our rather docile, wingless land vehicles – the OBD port. It has been a vital part of most cars since the 1980s and yet, very few of us have heard of it and even fewer have used it.
However, after you learn what it is capable of, like I did very recently, you’ll be left wondering why it doesn’t receive the attention it clearly deserves. Pause for a second and imagine a world where emergency services are already on their way as soon as an accident has occurred. Imagine a world where you walk into the insurance company after an accident and your claim process has already been completed for you. Best case scenario, right?
An Onboard Diagnostics device that you plug into the OBD port could possibly revolutionize the vehicle insurance industry, providing good drivers with the lowest premiums to date. All this while helping the driver further improve his/her driving efficiency. Get the vehicle data from the OBD device and push it onto an app so as to make it more accessible to the userand voila! You have empowered the driver to be more efficient than your average driver.
Okay now that I have hyped this, let’s get to the point and talk technical. Other than the obvious parameters like vehicle GPS location, speed and ignition state, there are quite a few data points available from the OBD port. Some of them are tyre pressure, fuel consumption, engine load, etc.
The possible ways in which an app may use this vehicle data is only limited by onebs imagination. That is exactly where Neutrinos come into the picture. We at Neutrinos believe it is time to pay the OBD port the kind of respect it deserves. And so, we created an app that strengthens the relationship between a person and theirpriced possession b their vehicle!Throwing in a dab of AI prediction, brilliant user experience and direct integration with insurance companies resulted in a cutting-edge app that eases driver anxiety. So while with our heads tilted upwards we wait for flying cars that could possibly start falling from the skies, let’s make sure our trusted partners on the ground are always in tune with the latest advancements in diagnostics.

Here are the inputs on how to get Vehicle Data:

  1.  Connect the OBD to the Car with the QR Code
  2.  Register on the App with your Personal Details and the Car Details
  3.  This can capture tyre pressure, fuel consumption, engine load, etc along with the Notification and Alerts. engine load, etc    along with the Notification and Alerts.

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