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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – The Future of Application Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Mobile innovation is redefining the online consumer experience. Today mobile users are no longer ignored as they account for over 52% of all internet traffic. To reach such customers effectively, brands need to understand the latest trends in mobile marketing. Many brands are going for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to provide a better customer experience.

Diverse companies, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Starbucks, Uber, Lyft, Forbes, and The Washington Post, have embedded progressive web apps (PWAs) in their enterprise mobile strategies to provide a better user experience and remove any usage barriers.

Progressive web applications are here to stay and will be the future of mobile application development. Businesses that benefit the most from the PWA technology are the ones that target B2C applications, such as eCommerce, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Media sectors. Let’s see HOW these industries benefit from progressive web app development?

PWA in eCommerce

Most websites that redirect users to download the app may cause customers to abandon the shopping process. PWA, on the other hand, though built like a webpage, feels like a native app. With PWA technology capabilities, a customer can decide and directly purchase after thorough research (web experiences can influence purchase decisions to a greater extent).

PWAs keep the customers engaged, help them make purchases, and urge them to add the application to their home screen to keep them updated on the latest products and trends with the push notifications feature. Brands can get insight into customer behavior and detect buying patterns for demand and supply. 

How PWA Benefits the eCommerce Industry

  1. No need to download multiple apps on mobile phones
  2. Helps overcome the budget restriction
  3. Offers benefits similar to native apps at low costs
  4. Accessible even with poor internet connectivity
  5. Push notifications to target existing customers and provide the latest products update
  6. Easy indexing on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) via dedicated URLs
  7. Quick loading time enables users to spend more time on the website and to return repeatedly
  8. No need to get listed on an app store with tedious rules and guidelines
  9. No need to download applications

World-famous companies, such as AliExpress,, Flipkart, and Lancôme, provide PWAs without downloading the app, making it easy for the user.

PWA in Insurance

Insurance apps are built to handle various functions, from online quotes to customer service and settlement claims. Some apps monitor driving styles, and some allow users to book claim-related medical appointments. While it is relatively easy to build an app for each function, it does not work well when users have more than one type of demand. Some statistics show that users do not prefer to install multiple apps.

The right solution for this challenge is to build a single app to include all possible functions required in the insurance industry.

Progressive web application technology integrates all the required functions into an online system under one app. Insurance companies can use the progressive app to send targeted push notifications. Features, such as a user-friendly interface and multi-purpose function give PWAs great potential to improve both sales and brand loyalty for insurers.

 Use Cases of PWAs in the Insurance Sector 

  1. Mobile customer portals with policy managing functions
  2. Hardware access like camera stream, g-sensors, and masks for fraud prevention
  3. Promo-selling apps with ordering actions
  4. Customer service with claims launches and progress status
  5. Smart notifications on important events with read/unread status

PWA in Banking

Banks have their own necessities, such as offering applications supporting NFC and fingerprint logging. Though such features are currently not a part of PWA, progressive apps can provide a quick and flexible banking experience to customers given the variety of mobile OSs, connection bandwidths, phone hardware specs, and screen sizes involved in this process.

Progressive web app development can help bank information portals and product sites evolve. In a mobile-first environment, a separate home screen shortcut or offline information storage is not that beneficial. But in the context of micro-interactions and speedy performance, banks should incorporate specific aspects of PWA design into their mobile sites.

Use Cases of PWAs in the Banking Sector 

  1. Mobile customer portals for basic account data
  2. Mobile lead-capturing and promo apps for new clients
  3. Instant notifications of account transactions
  4. Smart messaging and reminders of dues dates and amount
  5. Mobile help desk and chats for customer support

PWA in Healthcare

Many health care providers aim to become patient-centered with the medical care and services they provide. Building PWA mobile applications for patients will enhance healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency.

PWAs can make assessing patient details quick and easy while keeping the entire data safe and secure. With efficient hospital management, PWAs decrease the chances of medical error and unnecessary variations in patient information, making healthcare data management easy for service providers. In emergencies, push notification features for the doctors and medical staff can help hospitals prepare for a patient’s arrival in advance. Hospitals can also monitor their patients, staff, on-duty doctors, and inventory with the help of PWAs.

How PWAs Benefit the Healthcare Industry

  1. Information support – providing real-time information for specialist appointments or availability of drugs or arranging sightseeing tours of the medical health facility directly on the user’s smartphone screen
  2. Medical services – enabling patients to access medication information and doctor’s instructions
  3. Healthy lifestyle – reminding patients of vital aspects, such as taking medication or checking blood sugar levels

PWAs in healthcare can significantly improve the availability and quality of medical care, ensure public awareness, and improve healthcare management.

PWAs – For a Better Future

Various progressive web app examples discussed above show that progressive web app development can help achieve business goals set for an online marketplace, whether to increase time spent on the website or boost the conversion rate. Soon, PWAs will become mandatory for businesses to operate in the market.

Investing in PWA development today will provide an opportunity to attract the maximum of the target audience and offer customer-centered products and services. PWAs will keep businesses alive and stay ahead in a competitive environment.

Download “Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Apps Whitepaper” to understand how PWAs fare better.

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