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Self-Service Capability Further Optimized with Reusable Flows

Import and Export Service

Import and Export Service

The reusability principle states that “components should be easy to reuse.” In other words, we should be able to use instances of the same module in different systems.

There are plenty of benefits with component reuse including increased productivity and quality. The best low-code platforms are those that allow app developers to build custom reusable modules. 

Nowhere is that truer than with Neutrinos Studio. On Neutrinos Studio, you not only reuse components to speed up app development, but can also reuse services within an application, and across applications.

Say hello to the Import and Export services capability. With this, you can build reusable services, be it front-end services (the logic that is executed on the actual device) or back-end services that can be reused across applications. No one should have to waste time “reinventing the wheel” by building every new service from scratch. Developers can easily collaborate by using the Import and Export service capability rather than starting from a blank canvas. 

Consider the following back-end service that is designed to connect to the IBM Integration Bus (IIB) to perform complex functionality.

This service was designed to be reused across applications built for a single client. The service connects to the IIB system in the back-end to perform validations and define message flows to establish a connection between multiple applications. Without the import/export capability, re-designing this service in other apps would have typically taken anywhere between 3-4 hours. With the Import and Export capability, this service can be cloned in less than a minute. It saves developers time and effort and accelerates app development.


Without Export & Import Service capability

With Export & Import Service capability

Export and import a service within an application

3- 4 hours to replicate the service in one app.

30 seconds

Export and import a service from one application to another

3- 4 hours to replicate the service in one app.

A minute

Clone and Consume

Exporting and importing services is a click away!

Cloning a service between applications

To export a service, select the service and click the export icon on the service editor. The whole service gets exported as a JSON file.

Click Export to clipboard to copy the JSON file. Navigate to the application where you want to import the service. Click the Import icon on the canvas, and paste the JSON file on the import editor. The service gets imported. It’s that easy.

After successful import, you can start consuming the service.

Cloning a Service within an Application

If the service is to be re-used within the same application, the time taken to clone the service would further reduce to less than 30 seconds. Select the service and press CTRL + C to copy it. Press CTRL + P in the same service or another service of the app to paste the copied service.

Learn more about Neutrinos Studio in the blog, “Neutrinos Platform Updates: Q2 2021.”

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