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The essence of low-code/no-code to professional developers and businesses

Many industry experts are of the opinion that business users must be able to steer their own destinies when it comes to application development. The global crisis that the world is facing due to Covid-19 has clearly highlighted the advantages that low-code and no-code can provide to the world. One of the few silver linings to the COVID-19 crisis is the acceleration toward user-driven application development and deployment. The world today is undergoing a massive change in mindset regarding software. The idea that software is now everybody’s job is really radical. The growing trend in the use of low-code and no-code could be a boon to all software development with developers and businesses benefitting. 

Innovation is easier: It is now possible for users or ‘citizen developers’ to be part of the development and implementation by helping out with tweakable and scalable aspects that make a real difference to their work. 

Prototyping and testing is simpler: Much like using LEGO bricks, low-code tools are a great way to learn how to create complex things using small pieces. Low code allows users to quickly put together a prototype and test an idea for improvement in product design or process improvement. 

Development is easier: Traditional developers cannot be expected to learn everything about all software. There are many situations where the gains of a simplified easy-to-setup framework far outweigh the loss in tech choices or visual customization.

It takes the drudgery out of programming: Low-code automates the most boring of programming tasks. For example, in auto-machine learning solutions it can take care of data processing, basic feature engineering and even model deployment. 

Low-code and no-code present great options for IT managers and businesses to move forward with development plans rapidly and efficiently. 


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