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We’re often asked what the name Neutrinos signifies. We’re named after the Neutrino, the subatomic particle. To be honest we didn’t ponder much on the significance of the name when we came up with it; however, we’ve discovered that it is an apt name for us, in many interesting ways.

The Neutrino is the most abundant particle with mass in the universe. For all its abundance, it is so fine, so nimble, that for the longest time it was a matter of scientific debate whether it had any mass at all. Most Neutrinos pass right through the Earth. Trillions and trillions are passing through our bodies every second. They’re practically unstoppable! And yet, their study is vital to science. Neutrinos originate in the hearts of stars, and travel across the universe, chronicling its history and its shape.

Neutrinos the company, shares some of these qualities with Neutrinos the particle. We’re super agile and nimble in the way we help clients execute digital initiatives. We’re tremendously fast: faster than any other digital development platform out there. We’re everywhere: in every sphere of the client’s business, from CX, to business operations, to ways of scaling and developing ecosystems. We partner with the client all the way, from the heart of the digital transformation vision, to a future beyond imagination! And yes, we’re unstoppable.

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