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Why use Communication Connectors APIs to drive Digital Acceleration and Customer Engagement

Communication Connectors APIs

The pandemic is changing everything. Business requirements for digital communications services have evolved in response to COVID-19 as the ongoing pandemic has driven us indoors and online. 

According to a report by ComScore, consumers are expected to do 200 billion voice searches per month by the end of this year. According to Google insights, 70% of users want ‘click2call’ functionality on visiting a brand’s website.

The data clearly shows a growing demand for voice-enabled applications and its importance in conducting effective business today. 

  • Inbound and Outbound dialer to auto-call a predefined list of users or receive calls from interested users. 
  • Interactive voice responses (IVRs) to blur all the language barriers and record customer feedback and response. 
  • Call patching to patch calls real-time through IVR platform.
  • Missed call services to record customer responses through a simple missed call.  

How can Neutrinos Help?

Now that the demand for voice-enabled applications is established, how do enterprises gear-up to fulfil these demands? Though Off-the-shelf solutions give you the speed you need to get to the market fast, most times, they prove to be highly expensive in providing security, flexibility, and a seamless user experience.

This is where Multi-Experience Development Platforms (MXDPs), like Neutrinos, come into picture. Our rapid application development platforms provide you with the tools you need to build complete and innovative software solutions faster than with traditional tools, with the security, resilience, and scalability demanded by today’s time. 

At Neutrinos, we use our Communication connector to provide users with Computer Telephony Integration technology. The connectors can be dragged, dropped, and configured into your apps, in minutes, to bring the richness of voice conversations directly into your user interface.

Neutrinos also offers over 90+ pre-built connectors for the most common apps and SaaS solutions, allowing you to extend your existing technology to access data and interact with external software components, operating systems, and microservices, without slowing you down.

Developers can download these connectors from Neutrinos Store (our Marketplace), perform configurations on click of a button, and use them in the applications they design.

Consider a Use case

Consider a use case of an Insurance Industry where an Insurance consultant has to make multiple calls every day to follow-up on leads. 

With the Voice-calling feature integrated into the application, the consultant can quickly search the lead to be contacted, and place the call directly from the application, be it web or mobile. 

These calls are also recorded and are provided as call recordings in the application for the agents to play back any point in time and derive necessary insights.

On Server Services Designer (the backend flow designer), here’s how the process is wired. 

The developer downloads the Communication connector from Neutrinos Store and creates service flows. This connector internally uses the APIs to provide voice-calling, recording, and other such functionalities within the application.

The communication connector has 3 nodes:

  • Tele Call node – used to make calls using phone numbers
  • Get Call Recording node– used to get details of the call that is placed.
  • Get Instance node– used to access other functionalities of the APIs such as the sending messages, video calling, etc.

Let’s look at the  service flow which is designed to place a call.

When the insurance consultant clicks the Call button on the user interface, an API request is received on the backend application. 

The service flow to handle the call request:

This API call fetches the lead’s phone number and calls the Place a call Service flow which uses the Tele Call node to place a call to the lead.

The Place a call Service flow:

Once the call is placed, other service flows are triggered in the backend flow designer to save the call details, record the call, etc. 

Server flows can be created easily to create APIs or consume any API to achieve the functionality that the app requires.

Closing Thoughts

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for digital communication services and, with it, the adoption of digital services into your applications. Not just the voice calling feature, the demand for chatbots, video conferencing, etc. have also increased as organizations in varied sectors have shifted to contact-less customer engagement.  

Neutrinos helps businesses across multiple industries to meet such accelerating demand for digital services.

If you’re ready to get started, we invite you to sign up for a free trial.

If you have a use case in mind, talk to our sales and solutions team to transform your ideas into reality.  

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