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Connectors to Quickly Integrate and Act on Data for Transforming the Insurance Industry

connectors for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Connectors simplify data integration and other ETL (extract, transform, and load) needs, allowing you to focus on insights rather than fixing data pipelines. They quickly scale to your business needs while promoting agile workflows requiring less planning and fewer resources.

Neutrinos provides 400+ connectors, with 95+ connectors added in the last quarter to connect to both cloud and on-premise data. These connectors enable easy integration of data with enterprise systems such as Hub Spot, AWS S3, Azure Event Grid, Cosmos DB, etc.

Use Case: Connectors for Intelligent Document Processing 

Let’s consider an application built to handle the Medical Insurance Claim Process. During hospitalization, the policyholder (The Insured) uses this application to claim the hospitalization charges by providing claim details and submitting the required documents to the insurance company. 

The user interface for this application is designed to capture the basic details of the claims such as Name, NRIC number, policy number, and phone number, followed by uploading the required documents such as medical bills, reports, discharge summary, and medical certificate.

On submission of the claim details and documents, the claim request is assigned to an Insurance agent. Data is extracted from the documents uploaded by the Insured, and the forms are auto-filled on the application. This process accelerates the decision-making process for the insurance agent as no time is wasted in filling forms.

The agent can see the auto-filled forms displayed on the application and decide whether to approve or reject the claim.  

This process of extracting the data from the documents and auto-filling the forms is possible using the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capability, which uses Neutrinos connectors in the backend.

How Connectors are Integrated to Perform IDP

With the Neutrinos Server Services Designer (the backend designer), a user can design service flows to achieve Intelligent Document Processing. The connectors used are:

  • Amazon SNS: Providing message delivery from the producers to consumers.
  • Amazon S3: Storing data of millions of applications for companies globally.
  • Textract: Detecting and analyzing the text in documents and converting it into machine-readable text.  

The service flows created on the backend include:

Service Flows to Upload Documents:

Once the documents are uploaded by the insured, they are stored in the S3 object. Further, a file_id is created for the uploaded documents, and the created file_id is saved in the Mongo Database. 

Service Flows to Perform Data Extraction:

On submit, the file_id of each document is picked up and sent for the extraction process. Below is the flow created using a Textract connector to extract data from the documents. 

Service Flows to Output the Extracted Data:

The extracted content from the uploaded documents is pushed to the SNS queue in the form of a JSON file which is then moved to the Mongo database.

How Neutrinos Can Help You

Neutrinos is a One-Stop, Multi-Experience Low Code Application Development Platform that offers a platform to ideate, transform, and build complex enterprise applications within days or sometimes hours. The connectors provided by Neutrinos empower organizations to quickly integrate applications with other enterprise systems and allow them to act on data at the speed of thought. 

Do you have a use case in mind? Then we have a solution to address it. Contact us at [email protected].

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