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Gain an edge on the constantly advancing phygital realms with Neutrinos MXDP

Get omnichannel capabilities and deploy applications faster with limited coding. Reinvent your legacy apps at scale.


Developer Toolchains

Incorporate effective toolchains to optimize software development and deliver more value to users.


Native Experiences

Native mobile apps or hybrid mobile apps - Incorporate device-specific widgets like camera or geotagging and build flexible designs in minutes.


Mesh Apps & SOA

Forge an evolving connection of people, processes and services supporting intelligent digital ecosystems.


Next-Gen Tech

Integrate IoT, AI and ML-powered automation to streamline processes and enhance user experiences.


Micro Apps

Deliver apps fully integrated with existing systems across various operational scenarios and devices.


Open Architecture

Embrace open architecture to deploy and manage flexible, enterprise-grade applications at scale.

Speed deployments of
enterprise-grade applications with Neutrinos MXDP

Integrate Technologies

Set up enterprise-grade apps that easily work with your existing legacy ecosystem and third-party databases and enterprise systems. Or use predefined templates to build and run scalable applications in any dynamic environment.

Go-Cloud Native

Run your apps on any cloud and take advantage of continuous delivery and DevOps capabilities. The open-source foundation optimizes resource provisioning, speed, accelerating time-to-market and margin growth.

Choose your Cloud

Launch your APIs or apps on any cloud, private, public, hybrid, on-premise or a traditional server. A cloud-agnostic approach offers multi-cloud visibility, management, auto-healing auto-scalability, and low overhead infrastructure.

Enable to Collaborate

Employ a simple environment to enable real-time ideation and remote collaboration. Work with our team to re-engineer your existing digital solutions, identify new use cases and build a robust digital ecosystem.

Enterprise app development Redefined


By 2021, at least one-third of enterprises will have deployed a Multiexperience Development Platform according to Gartner.

Product Updates

Shape personalized experiences that span the entire spectrum of applications, wearable or IoT devices, and conversational and immersive interactions.

Partnerships to help you modernize the relationship between businesses and technology

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