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Studio Angular Components

Angular component

User Interface elements are the most important part of developing a software application, regardless of whether it’s a mobile, web, or desktop application. They are the core building blocks for all applications. A good user interface contributes to the success of your application and accomplishes profitable gain. 

To design a good user interface of an application, the market provides a wide range of components. Cards, forms, navigation menus, etc are traditional examples of Components. These components help us define the HTML view and its functionality.

When you are creating an application on Neutrinos Studio, Neutrinos provides a huge set of components to design a rich user interface with modern experiences. Components are packed with the Neutrinos Studio (the IDE for developing apps ) and are available to drag and drop on the application pages to create the user interface of your application pages. 

Here are a few examples of the components packed with Studio:

Additionally,  Neutrinos also provides a large set of components that you can download from Neutrinos Store (the marketplace of Neutrinos) and use them while designing your applications.

Angular is a framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Neutrinos follows the Angular framework and provides the angular components to design the user interface of the application. 

If there is a component that Angular offers and is not available on Neutrinos, then, Neutrinos provides editors to easily import or create such components.

You can create the component from scratch using our Component SDK and contribute to the Neutrinos Store, where developers across the world can download the component and use it in their applications. 

Or, import the component and its dependencies to the app and use it in designing the App Ui. This is a quick and easy solution.

Let’s look at how easily you can  import any component to an application and use it on any application page  Here is the description in detail:

You have to perform the following steps:

  1. Import the component library to the app: You should first add the component library and its modules as a dependency to the app by using the Plugins Manager, which allows you to import, remove or update a plugin or a component that you want to use in your app. 
  2. Use the component on the page: To use the component library and modules on the app page, use the Use Dependency node that allows you to import the modules and the component library into the page that you are designing. 

Here is one of the articles that I came across on How to import a bottom sheet component to a page. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to import the Angular Bottom Sheet component library into the application and use it in designing an app page. Similarly, you can import any angular component. 

Article link:

Download Neutrinos Studio and build Enterprise level applications using a wide range of plugins and components that are readily available to use. The increased flexibility of Neutrinos Studio allows you to use components that are not available on the Neutrinos Studio Or Store,  empowering developers to design interactive, responsive,  user interfaces that delight the end-users.

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