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The top 5 software development trends set to dominate the tech industry

With software development trends changing as rapidly as technology, to stay current, not just the present state but the future state of technology needs to be kept top-of-mind. 

The top 5 software development trends are: 

1. Low-Code/No-Code Platforms will continue to grow and increase in popularity. Using low-code/no-code platforms, enterprises can move forward with their digital transformation plans faster, more easily, with a lesser cost and without a technical resource at every step. 

2. Machine Learning Operations will need to be incorporated by enterprises to reach operational excellence. This will bring in aspects of automated concept-drift detection, real-time feedback on key model KPIs in production, and pre-built support for continually updating models based on production success and integration with AutoML.

3. User Experience Design is critical for companies to not only retain but also recapture business in today’s socially distant and all-digital environment. Spurred by the huge disruption created across the world by the pandemic, companies are reimagining their engagement models to better manage their businesses.   

4. DevSecOps has increasing concerns about the access that developers have to the complete stack. Developers have access that could compromise the cloud infrastructure with an insider threat or by an accident. DevSecOps teams are assigning the least possible privileges, ensuring that only authorised access is permitted at all times and that all developer activities conducted are only in line with privileges assigned. 

5. Near-Perfect Digital Experiences have moved in a short time from a novelty to a necessity. With burgeoning applications, cloud infrastructure is a necessity and front-end development takes prime position. Developers will take on skills and responsibilities that resemble operations to improve efficiency, accelerate remediation and bring massive improvements to the customer experience.


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