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Top 6 reasons why the insurance sector should adopt Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

inteligent document processing solution,artificial intelligence

Document processing is a part of everyday operations for businesses across the spectrum. Enterprises go through large volumes of data regularly from varied sources to gain deeper insights into customer engagement.

COVID-19 has paved the way for emerging markets to empower customers to make demands. It has also led to growing customer engagement and expectations, pushing the insurers to focus on their digitization efforts. Organizations are looking to get on their digital transformation journey rapidly to get ahead of the game, offer high levels of customer experience, and fight the competition.

The economic recession has slowed the pace of transformation for several enterprises, paving the way for sustainable options like low-code, OCR technologies, and artificial intelligence. Currently, insurance companies are grappling with growing volumes of documents in various formats – policy forms, supporting documents, customer feedback forms, invoices, receipts, and bills. Considering the volatile markets and the need to optimize available resources, relying on paper-based business processes is a hindrance, weighing down the business efficiency levels simultaneously.

The solution to all these challenges is the “Intelligent Document Processing [IDP].” In our earlier blog post, we talked about “IDP and how it can transform businesses across verticals.” In this post, we will address the need for IDP in the insurance domain.

Top 6 Reasons for IDP to be Part of the Insurers’ Technology Roadmap

With an intelligent document processing solution, companies can identify and extract data from structured and semi-structured sources, irrespective of the document format (PDF, image, word, etc.)  As businesses shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, insurance companies need to update their document and data processing methods. 

The entire customer journey involves an exchange of information, which in most cases is paper-based. It spans every stage, every interaction between insurers, agents, and customers – obtaining policy quotes, underwriting, onboarding, and claims processing. It is, therefore, no surprise that insurers are looking for alternative means to ensure operations continue and business grows. While there has been considerable progress across processes and the adoption of advanced technology, document handling functionality requires a higher level of automation.  

Intelligent document processing is slowly but steadily gaining traction. It is reinventing the entire document handling system across the enterprises. Here are a few reasons why organizations are increasingly adopting an IDP solution:


Going Beyond OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that extracts text from images used across businesses for decades. However, when talking about insurance-related documents, there are a few hurdles when using OCR. While it helps in extracting text, it does not analyze or draw insights from the data captured. The company, therefore, needs to rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to capture the data accurately and run analytics through it before providing usable and meaningful insights to insurers in underwriting and other functionalities. Insurers can then offer better underwriting services and increase customer satisfaction levels.

 Better Customer Experience

The focus today is to offer an enhanced customer experience that includes real-time updates. With an IDP solution offering an intelligent capture tool, customers can quickly scan and share the required documents digitally.

The system is safe and secure, helping build trust between customers and the company. 

On the other hand, insurers can use intelligent document processing to automate and speed up document processing, especially when dealing with large volumes of data of varied document types. It increases speed to market, gives them the leverage needed for new business, and offers top-notch customer service that leads to customer retention and upselling opportunities.

Data Security and Easy Access

Through digital document processing, enterprises across sizes can complete their digital transformation journey without worries. Converting paper-based documents into digital form provides safe and secure storage, easy retrieval, and access to all parties involved. An industry report states that while most are for digital storage facilities, 77% of millennial workers still feel paper/physical documents will continue to play a crucial role, at least for the next five years. It might be a challenge that insurance enterprises need to work on resolving.

 Compliance Made Easy

Like all businesses, insurance is controlled by regulations and compliance policies. With IDP, insurers can maintain records and data in an organized manner to meet all the guidelines laid out. What sets IDP apart from other solutions is the speed and accuracy, which allows optimization of resources and focusing on other priority items. 

 Increased Efficiency

Documents provided by customers when processed manually involve time, resources and are error-prone. When using IDP solutions, documents can be processed quickly using AI & ML capabilities leading to intelligent document management. If the IDP system cannot recognize a piece of information, it gets escalated to a human source and resolved thereon. Another advantage of IDP is that it can extract information from structured and semi/unstructured data, offering insights thereby, driving operational efficiencies.


IDP is one of those solutions that are easy to use across all application processes and business units. It does not require complicated installation or integration. It serves as a platform where documents of varied formats, sizes, and from several sources are scanned, processed, and relevant data captured. IDP is, therefore, a highly scalable solution.

How to Choose an IDP Solution


Now that you are aware of what IDP can do for your business, here are a few factors to consider before deciding on the ideal document processing solution:

Time Taken: What is the time and effort required to incorporate the IDP solution into your business and get started on the first document? 

Smart-Capture Capability: Does the IDP solution offer a smart-capture tool? Does it have the capability to recognize and alert in case of any errors?

Intelligence: Can the solution extract data using ML capabilities? How easy is it to use the tool in various document formats? 

Ease of Use and Scalability: Is the solution easy to use and scalable with a significant increase in paper workloads?

Customization: Does the solution offer customization to incorporate existing tools and integrate with processes across business functionalities? 

Automated Integrations: Does the IDP solution offer seamless integration, or is it a stand-alone data processing tool? Does it help draw insights? 

ROI: Is there a defined ROI for the solution over time and across upgrades?

Neutrinos Intelligent Document Processing

Insurance enterprises handle large volumes of data daily and require assistance to ensure the data captured is accurate, error-free, and insightful. The need of the hour is a solution to increase efficiency, reduce costs, optimize resources, enhance customer experience, and boost business growth. The first step towards achieving this would be to adopt an intelligent document processing application into the system.

Neutrinos, a low-code app development platform, provides AI-powered IDP solution for businesses across all industries. Neutrinos’ IDP can easily unstructured data locked in documents into structured, usable data for business strategies and insights. Read more about Neutrinos’ IDP here

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