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Neutrinos Studio Version 6
UI Services Designer
Enhanced User Interface
Advanced Component HTML 5
Advanced Component – Input
Excel Viewer
Updates to Version 5
Neutrinos Studio Version 6
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With the release of Neutrinos Studio Version 6 in June 2019, a number of new features have been added to increase its functionality.

As a new or long-time app developer using Neutrinos Studio, it might be helpful to look at these new features. If you wish to make the transition from Neutrinos Studio Version 5 to our most recent release. That said, let’s discuss each new feature and the functionality that is on offer:

Enhanced UX

UI Services Designer
With a new Services Editor available in the new release, you can now configure client-side services using this feature. Default nodes have also been made available in the editor and which can be added and configured as well. Also, with the Drag and Drop Editor, developers can reduce the number of bugs while drastically reducing development time. In addition, UI Services Designer also gives you the functionality of calling Server Side Services. Integrating both the Client and Server sides is seamless as a result and takes very little time. On the whole, developers can increase productivity as they continue using the Neutrinos Studio version 6.
Enhanced User Interface

In an effort to improve user experience as well as speeding up the learning curve of our developers, the latest Neutrinos Studio Version 6 has revamped the User Interface in four key ways:

Palette Components – With the Palette Components now quicker to locate and identify, you can focus your efforts solely on app design. In addition, you can collapse any window that isn’t being used so as to increase the size of the workspace

Notifications – Changes made to the Neutrinos Studio Version 6.0 can now be seen by accessing the bell icon located at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Environment Window – In Neutrinos Studio Version 5, the DEV and PROD environments were listed as drop-down options. In the latest release, these environments are now added in a table format next to custom environments. With this simple display, you can navigate between or clone these environments as well as change properties listed as rows under each environment

Tab Groups – In the latest release, you can use tabs that appear with labels in the upper portion of your screen. You can group and separate views so as to look at them at them one by one. Also, when you open an editor, it is displayed at a separate tab at the top. Also during development, when you open several tabs that cannot be seen at once at the top of your screen, you can use the pagination controls to scroll from left to right and vice-versa.

Advanced Component HTML 5
In an effort to help you save time and design the page faster, the Advanced Component HTML 5 from the Others palette section to the Layout section. In addition to this, you can also add HTML 5 elements from the ElementType dropdown list. Or drag and drop a component of your choice from the palette. Simply put, no hard coding required.
Advanced Component – Input

Beginning with Neutrinos Studio Version 6, you have access to a larger number of properties for the Advanced Component – Input while also being able to add Hints and Errors from the attributes window itself.

Enhanced Attributes Window – This feature provides you with a bigger list of properties to select from when it comes to altering a component’s properties based on app design specifications. The Attributes window is also re-sizable to make it easier to use.

Error Component – The Error Component feature gives you the ability to add an error component to any app component that you desire. Adding an error condition and message remains the same as before.

Excel Viewer
You can download this widget from the Neutrinos Marketplace if you need to view Excel data in the form of HTML
Updates to Version 5

April 2018

Over-The-Air (OTA) Update

In the instance when a new release of the Studio is available to users, you’ll find an update as shown below where you can select the ‘Download Now’ to obtain a download of the latest install. You can use the Explore New Features or the Remind Me Later options to look at new features in the update or choose to download the new Studio version later.

Certified Desktop Application – Neutrinos Studio software is certified by both Windows and Mac This update is one that offers proof of Neutrinos’ Studio software being trustworthy to use.

Enhanced Card Component – In this version of Neutrinos Studio, components such as Card Header, Card Title, Card Subtitle, Card Action, Card Image and Card Footer have now been moved to a parent component now known as Card. Now, you can generate a single Card component in the page container and change the attribute properties too.

New Data Table in Form Controls

In this update, the Form Controls section has a new Table component where you can add designed tables to a page container. You can not only add child components but also sort and move columns within a Table.

Configure Error Messages in Select, Input and Date Picker Components

For this feature, a new approach to input validation has been taken for Select, Input and Date Picker components. You can enter a specific error message by selecting the Configure Error pop-up window in the Attributes window of the Input component.

Page as Palette Component (Views)

With this new feature, you can now reproduce a new page that is similar to an existing one in the same app by selecting the Views section. Remember, that you cannot drag and drop components into a View.

Enhanced Attributes Window

With this update, the Attributes window has now been revamped to include descriptive field titles, toggle buttons and drop-down lists.With the inclusion of additional fields, setting component properties is now a possibility.

Ctrl + S to Perform Save Operation Across the Studio

You can now use Ctrl+S to save whatever work you might do when using the studio.

Keyboard Shortcuts in HTML Page

You can now use cut (Ctrl+X), copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) commands within a page but also between pages in an app and also pages across apps.

Prompt When You Exit the Studio

After the roll out of this update, you’ll see a dialog box that will ask you to save or discard changes. As shown below, you can select the Save All or Discard All options.

Port and Studio Log Configuration

Configure Ports

You can open the settings.json file in the .neutrinos folder to look for ports that are free to use just in case the port you are trying to configure isn’t free. Configuration for server ports such as Modelr and Core can also use the settings.json file.

Configure Logs

Now, Studio logs can be created so that they can be shared with the Neutrinos Product Team in the instance when they have issues when using the Studio.

Marketplace Widget to Convert Excel Sheets to HTML

Excel Viewer is one the first paid widgets that are available for use by app developers. All you have to do is download this widget from the Marketplace in order to use it from the through the Neutrinos Studio.

Performance Enhancements

From the Neutrino Studio Version 6.0, the update will ensure that the time taken to load the user interface will reduce. This update has also reduced the time to perform key file operations such as migrating and importing an app as well.

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